Financial Modelling Platform

A potential franchisee will have an immediate access to the readily available financial modelling platform for the calculation of all financial parameters of his or her development project.

The franchisee will merely need to input a project specific data into the financial model which will instantaneously provide the project specific financial calculations, including but not limited to:

- Project Performance Indicators
- Project valuation
- Funding requirement
- Financing sources

This financial platform is designed and implemented by a well-known Russian consulting think-tank – ‘NEO Center’ JSC.

NEO Center has been successfully operating in Russia and the CIS for over 20 years and has been among the leaders of the Russian consulting market for many years, continuously trending in top ratings, including:
- top 25 in the list of the largest consulting groups in Russia;
- top 3 in financial advisory and technical auditing;
- top 10 in valuation and marketing services;
- top 3 in the list of the leading technology and price auditors.