Sferiq town uses plug-and-play module system which gives an opportunity to create an exclusive combination of the functional blocks.

Creating "towns for creative people" under the brand SferiqTown suggests that the investment firm Sferiq acts as the project operator, developing the franchise as a whole and ensuring the implementation of the concept.

For each specific customer, Steriq provides at least:
Creation of innovative spacious solutions (in collaboration with Design Consortium Camenzind√Čvolution Architects and theLiving Core);
Proposing innovative solutions to social problems, primarily for the construction of educational and cultural facilities (in collaboration with the leading international experts in the field of education, museums and research).
At customer request, Sferiq can carry out construction on a turnkey basis or take on separate operator functions, namely:
Conduct marketing research
Conduct marketing
Find financial partners and subcontractors
Find financial partners
and subcontractors
Calculate the investment model
Calculate the
investment model
Arrange legal support
legal support
Provide information support
information support