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Sferiq Town is a franchising project of ‘SFERIQ’ investment firm. The goal of the project is to create a new social environment, a flexible multi-modular “creative settlement that organically takes into account all the fundamental needs of its future residents. The major aspects of SferiqTown are comfortable housing, high-quality education, empowering entrepreneurship as well as creation of the new knowledge and technologies. The client can change configuration of modules, their quantity and placement in the settlement.

What is the Creative Settlement?

  • Cutting-edge urban infrastructure
  • Innovative work environments to unique public
  • Superb educational and recreational facilities
  • Communication spaces and entertainment
  • High-quality housing
  • Unlimited opportunities

SferigTown envisions a flexible environment where any configuration of modules is possible.


The “Creative Settlement” is a smart place for your future. Due to its unique and outstanding human-centered approach, it enables individuals and communities to fulfill their highest potential in high-quality living, business innovation and educational excellence. The “Enabling Spaces” concept implies the plug-and-play module system. It is designed to support the principles of collaborative knowledge creation, innovation & social coherence:

Multi-dimensional spaces
Multi-dimensional spaces
Interdisciplinary Integration
Interdisciplinary Integration
Primacy  of Enabling
Primacy of Enabling
Human  & Knowledge
Human & Knowledge

Creative Settlement is based on multiple functional modules creating a flexible and adjustable environment. The project combines distinctive and fine-tuned elements:

  • Balanced Flow of Knowledge and Ideas
  • Integrating Education and Art in Everyday Life
  • Balancing Start-Ups & Investors
  • Public Attractor
  • Integrating living, working and learning
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Communication piazza

A plug-and-play module system has been developed in order to “plug in” various functions according to the specific requirements. Configuration of modules may differ based on the specific goals, features of the surrounding areas and various cultural contexts.

Master plan

Master plan presents one of the possible configurations of Sferiq Town. The Creative Settlement can adjust itself to clients’ specific requirements and peculiarities of a particular territory or community.

Available Urban Facilities:

  • Single Houses
  • Town Houses
  • Apartments
Creative Centre
  • School & Kindergarten
  • Science
Entertainment Centre
  • Art Hub & Hotel
  • Business Facilities
  • Academy
  • Shopping, Market Hall
  • Sport & Recreation Centre
  • Native Forest
  • Animal Park
  • Lake
  • Botanical Garden
  • Outdoor Sport Facilities

Creating "towns for creative people" under the brand SferiqTown suggests that the investment firm Sferiq acts as the project operator, developing the franchise as a whole and ensuring the implementation of the concept. The concept allows combination and swapping of various modules to build a unique, highly self-sufficient, replicable and organically growing settlement.

For each specific customer, Steriq provides:

  • Creation of innovative spatial solutions
  • Offering innovative solutions to social problems, primarily for the construction of educational and cultural facilities
Design team

The idea of creating a “settlement for creative people” arose for the specific target group – partners of Sferiq in IT projects. The design consortium, consisting of CamenzindEvolution Architecture Architects (Zurich, Switzerland) and the LivingCore Social Innovation Agency (Vienna, Austria), helped to understand the concept and design a master plan of the SferiqTown.


Architecture — Design — Technology
Zurich, Switzerland


Vienna, Austria

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